Genetic Algorithms (GA)

class, options)

Genetic Algorithm (GA).

This is the abstract class for all GA classes. Please use any of its instantiated subclasses to optimize the black-box problem at hand.

  • problem (dict) –

    problem arguments with the following common settings (keys):
    • ’fitness_function’ - objective function to be minimized (func),

    • ’ndim_problem’ - number of dimensionality (int),

    • ’upper_boundary’ - upper boundary of search range (array_like),

    • ’lower_boundary’ - lower boundary of search range (array_like).

  • options (dict) –

    optimizer options with the following common settings (keys):
    • ’max_function_evaluations’ - maximum of function evaluations (int, default: np.Inf),

    • ’max_runtime’ - maximal runtime to be allowed (float, default: np.Inf),

    • ’seed_rng’ - seed for random number generation needed to be explicitly set (int);

    and with the following particular setting (key):
    • ’n_individuals’ - population size (int, default: 100).


population size.




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